The Farce That Is Facebook

Today, May 31st, is Quit Facebook Day. The increasing anxiety about Facebook’s lack of concern for, and overwhelming interest in, members’ personal details has irked more than a few devotees of the social networking site. Whether or not today will see a decrease in the number of stalwart followers remains to be seen, but the impetus of the online campaign has certainly awakened people to the risk of posting information on such an open network.

The wake-up call came for me when I joined Facebook. Apparently ‘gigdiary’ wasn’t a real name, so, unwittingly, I gave my real name. This was a prerequisite. Mistake #1. I then went through some options and gave my birthday. Mistake #2. I posted some pics. Mistake #3. Those details are now recorded forever.

And then I realised that while Facebook is a wonderful networking site, it is driven by a corporation intent on mining information from all and sundry. I have since deleted all information save for my name, but I bet Facebook haven’t.

I won’t be quitting Facebook. Their social networking site is awesome. I’ve met so many people from my past, and I’m going back decades, it is an invaluable site, as long as you only list your name.

It is not a place to chat and reveal your innards to the world.


3 responses to “The Farce That Is Facebook

  1. I thought about quitting, but the reality is, in today’s world, the networking opportunities Facebook offers, are too great to ignore.

  2. By using, I’ve tightened my settings to Friends Only.I’m so tight,even I don’t know who I am !………

  3. The social networking available online is awesome, just a shame there is the potential for all things sinister lurking as well.

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