Down By The Schoolyard

A schoolboy in short pants attempting a man’s job, who could that be? I’d hazard a guess that our milquetoast PM fits that bill. Along with his schoolyard playmates, Swanny, who can’t do his sums, despite being our Treasurer, and their gal pal, Gillard, the carrot top who reckons that by erecting a few overpriced shelter sheds, minus the walls, constitutes an education revolution, we’ve got a debacle that can only be exacerbated by inviting the only cool guy in school, the one who sings in a band, to actually do something. Unfortunately, Knucklehead was only ever good at cavorting on stage, not climbing into the roof to check the insulation.

Fortunately the triumvirate realised this and enlisted Lindsay Tanner to complete the Gang of Four. As Finance Minister he proposed a tax on the only sector of Australian business that is actually prospering after the GFC.

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg is certainly one way to achieve a windfall, but certainly not the way to ensure Australia’s economic future.

While the previous regime shackled us with an unworkable ‘Work Choices’ policy, yet left us with money in the bank, this group of political neophytes seems intent on leaving us with a Whitlam-esque sized debt, an open border policy, and a complete lack of concern for any in the community who aren’t classified as ‘working families’.


3 responses to “Down By The Schoolyard

  1. God help us. I hope the electorate have the sense to see past KRudd’s bullshit, and Abbott’s hard right grandstanding, and kick these incompetent bastards out at the next election, State AND Federal, before they bankrupt us. Only the Libs seem to have the nouse to return us to prosperity…

  2. Are you holding your breath Fender? I hope not…………

  3. Definitely not, Rosie. I’ll be dead before sanity prevails in Australia, again………

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