Highly Opinionated

Look in the Herald on any given day and you get a range of paid opinions. Leaving out salaried analysts, most opinions seem garnered from whichever out of work celeb or high profile professional needs the bucks or the kudos most.

Charles Waterstreet has to be one of the worst. Though he is a barrister, his articles sound like he ingested too much LSD in the 60s and is only now working out which way is up.

Lisa Prior, a GenY journo yet to reach twenty five, has the audacity to propound on issues that only affect people much older than herself. This is comforting to older people who are glad she’s a journo and not in the Labor Party.

Miranda Devine, on the other hand, presents a severely right wing solution to every situation. Whether or not you agree with Miranda, at least she doesn’t write drug addled commentary or speak in three letter syllables, lol.

And you thought this lot were boring…..

On the supposedly entertaining side of commentary, the dross takes over from the droll and presents us with ‘celebrity’ opinions. These are opinions formulated by any celeb who can spin two words together and needs a buck. It’s a marriage made in heaven for both tabloids and unemployed celebs; a guaranteed eye-catcher is an article expounded by anyone who has ever been on the front page.

This isn’t journalism, this isn’t even reporting, it’s called feeding the chickens*, it’s chaff for the masses, it sells newspapers, captures eyeballs on TV, gets clicks on the web, outrage in the letters columns, and very little else.

A vacuous conduit behind which the real world of politics, business and creativity function unhindered and unheard of. Is this a bad thing?

I don’t think so…



6 responses to “Highly Opinionated

  1. Agreed. I’ve often wondered why they bother interviewing football players after a match; they don’t appear to be able to string two sentences together; and then, upon retirement, are offered jobs in the media and turn up in print media – or worse – reading the sport on the state bulletin. It’s cringeworthy. And all these C grade celebrities offering their opinions on everything from politics to food to music? What makes their opinion so valuable? Their 15 minutes of fame seems to be stretching out a bit longer, and it’s painful to watch. If I had done the hard yards studying journalism/media at uni, I’d be mighty pissed off if someone with no credentials got the nod over me, simply because they’d been on Big Brother.

  2. Celebrity columnists kill me. The party boys or the ex-soapie stars who’ve never previously written anything longer than an email in their lives getting front-page columns in mainstream media.
    But if I say that, then it will look like sour grapes, because I’d do anything for one of those columns… so instead I shall say, good on them! Job well done!
    And I’ll stick to reading blogs.

  3. This is one reason I don’t buy newspapers anymore.

    Add in the fact that, even in this era of spell-check, (which, incidentally, also checks grammar), the articles are often rife with mis-spellings, or glaring grammatical errors. If I am paying good money to read the news, I would like it to be at least spelt correctly.

    And don’t get me started on the ‘guest’ writers….. or ‘celebrity’ hosts.

  4. Your take on Charles Waterstreet is gold. I’m over reading 800 words of bum-fluff to get to whatever point they’re trying to make.

  5. I guess my only opinion is that Benita is quite cute*


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