#spill – well that’s what twitter calls it

There has been, as of 8pm tonight, a move on the leadership of the Federal Labor Party. While Julia Gillard hasn’t formally challenged Rudd, the right wing faction are supporting her. As I write this, there is turmoil, not only within the Labor camp, but also the Liberal Party. This challenge will, in an instant, change the landscape of the upcoming election.

In one fell swoop, by installing Gillard as PM, Labor can erase its past mistakes, blaming them, perhaps unfairly, on Kevin Rudd. Equally, in one fell swoop, Tony Abbott has lost most of the ground he has recently gained. Labor will have cleaned the slate, and gained another chance. Gillard is undoubtedly a more convincing leader than Rudd ever was. Rudd’s job was to oust Howard. He did that with alacrity and aplomb. However his subsequent performance has been lacklustre to say the least.

On the other hand, by installing Tony Abbott as leader, the Libs have put all their money on returning a government along the lines of the Howard government. This has been a mistake of massive proportions. There will never be another long-serving conservative government along the lines of the Howard regime. He was a fitting end to an era.

Like Obama, Rudd was a herald of the new century, yet, unlike Obama, perhaps Rudd is merely a seat-warmer. The hours will decide.

The leadership challenge has been posted. Rudd has given a press conference.

Soon after 9am, we’ll all know who is going head to head with Tony Abbott.


4 responses to “#spill – well that’s what twitter calls it

  1. Well summarised. I still think it’s a big gamble and that Rudd might have got back anyway (he won’t now, regardless of tomorrow’s outcome). But, as you say, how will Abbott handle Gillard as PM? I bet he’s praying tonight that Rudd holds on.

    • It’s an almost moot point that Rudd may get back, and yet, for the minute, a slim possiblity. I agree that Tony will be praying hard to his Catholic deity. Thanks for your comment.

  2. No surprise that Julia got it. It’s only been about 27 hours, and already I am sick of hearing about how wonderful it is that we have a female PM.

    Which would be true, IF we had elected her. The way she got the job is horrific, and not the way to treat a PM, even the Milkybar Kid.

    • It’s certainly a new day in politics when poll-driven decisions can oust a Prime Minister. It took a lot more than that to oust Whitlam. In this instance though, we had a PM who had banked on the support of the public, and neglected to build any infrastructure around himself in the Caucus. It worked while he was popular, but led to his downfall as soon as the polls turned.

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