We’re about to be asked to vote in a referendum.

Marcia Langton is professor of Australian indigenous studies at Melbourne University. Megan Davis is professor of law and director of the Indigenous Law Centre at the University of NSW. They had this to say about the proposed referendum.

The hysteria manufactured about the panel’s recommendations, long before the release of the report has caused widespread alarm among ordinary Australians, who do not comprehend fully the simple fact of the inherent difference of indigenous people.

The ‘inherent difference of the indigenous’. Oh that is good isn’t it? So the Abos are different to the rest of us, that is the Anglos, the Mediterraneans, the Indians, the Chinese, the Asians, the Negroes and the Samoans and the rest of our multicultural society. So the Abos have some spiritual superiority over the rest of us. I call ‘bunk’, I call ‘bullshit’.


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