Fence Sitting

While we wait out the remaining two weeks of the election campaign, words really seem wasted waxing any further on the attributes of either side. For every inch Gillard and Abbott gain, they each lose a mile the next day. Julia with her inconsistencies, and Tony with his continued ‘foot in the mouth’ affliction. It’ll be down to the wire, almost too close to call. I barrack for the Libs, not necessarily Abbott, but I reckon the crown will go to Labor.

That’s not fence-sitting, it’s an analysis of the electorate I live in, the media I read, and the mainstream blogs I visit. Sadly, I don’t hope that Tony takes the prize. Should his party gain the ascendency they’ll need to do a much needed overhaul of policy and cabinet ministers that could perhaps be better done in private. On the other hand, should Labor win, they’ll need to get quick smart back on that steep learning curve. The one where a political party learns how to go from being a populist choice to a stable government.


7 responses to “Fence Sitting

  1. Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save the electorate from another few years of spin and skullduggery………

    • Gough’s final catchcry certainly continues to resonate.

      ‘God Save The Queen, because nothing else will save…’
      I can still hear his booming tones from that press appearance on the steps of Parliament House.

      Whether or not you believed in him, he was a statesman. And always much more entertaining than this lot.

    • Times have changed. The PC brigade and the media have helped create a new breed of politician.

      When Gough got shafted, he thundered and bellowed his famous phrase, when Rudd got shafted, he apologised for blubbering.

  2. They both had huge egos, but Gough was taller………..

  3. As much as I don’t think that the Liberals are ready to take charge (I vote Liberal), I am praying that Tony gets over the line. I do not want to go back to the days when the country was controlled by the unions.

    As much as Julia Gillard is a strong-minded woman (as evidenced by her determined grab for power), she isn’t going to be able to say ‘No’ to those who put her where she is – the unions.

    The unfortunate thing is, many who will be voting on the 21st of this month, will not remember the way things were last time the unions had control. I do, and the thought of going back to those days scares the Hell out of me. That is the one thing I tip my hat to Kevin 007 for, he refused to bow down to the union bullies. Ultimately, it cost him the Prime Ministership. No matter how much Julia and Co bleat on about how poor his policies were (policies they backed wholeheartedly), it was his failure to do sweetheart deals with the unions that cost him.

    Now, we have a union man in charge of education. One of the most important portfolios for our country’s future, in the hands of a hardline unionist.

    While I do not dispute that the unions have done, and continue to do, wonderful things, I also know that the old boys network that runs through them, is bad news for fair governance – let’s not forget, I live in Tasmania, a state hamstrung for decades by unions and their cronies.

    I would rather have a mildly confused, foot-in-mouth-suffering PM, who says what he thinks, be it right or wrong, or totally upside down, than a figurehead puppet, mouthing populist platitudes, while her various controllers take turns to bring the country to its knees.

  4. It’s the most boring election campaign ever – I think our next state election would be more exciting than this.

    It’s also the most negative campaign in my short life time, no party stands out for me. Abbott criticises Labor’s policies, but doesn’t offer any solutions as to how he’ll fix the problem. So at the moment, I’m still sitting on the fence.

  5. Fence sitting is the perfect word for all this conundrum.
    We’re still sitting on the fence! I wonder how long it’ll be before it gets too uncomfortable in that position…

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