Enough Is Enough

Apparently one in three Australians want convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby to go free, even though only one in ten believes she is innocent.

In 2004, Corby was caught with 4kg of cannabis at the Bali airport. While this is not a hanging offence in Australia, it almost is in Indonesia. She got twenty years. Repeated appeals have faltered, her living conditions in the Indonesian prison have been well documented, yet her crime of smuggling marijuana is unproven.

Corby’s appeals to the Australian government have gone unheeded. Howard washed his hands of the whole affair, citing international protocol, “I hope justice is done and it’s a fair and true verdict”. The Labor Party agreed with him. Only Bob Brown dissented.

Meanwhile back in Australia, Tony Abbott, speaking at a public forum in Rooty Hill on Wednesday told the audience that he ‘had inhaled’ when at uni.

Enough is enough. If it’s good enough for middle Australia to enjoy a toke or two, how hypocritical are we not to demand Corby’s release into Australian custody? Even if she was guilty, she was only doing what our suppliers do on a regular basis for us.

Enough is enough. Bring her home.


2 responses to “Enough Is Enough

  1. I agree. She’s done enough time in that Indonesian hell hole to pay for the crime she either did or did not commit.

  2. I agree. Bring her home. We still have no proof that she actually did it, and she certainly has paid the price. 20 days, never mind 20 years, is plenty long enough to spend in an Indonesian prison, and they’ve just given her 5 months remission………..

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